Yacht Management

Are you a yacht owner? Or have you ever dreamed of having your very own yacht, but perhaps could not justify the cost and maintenance hassles of such investment? If yes, we have several highly customizable yacht and charter management programs that, we hope, will help make your dream a reality. Your yacht will be managed by a team of successful, well educated in the area of science, engineering, hospitality, and business, individuals. Our diverse portfolios and combined expertise coupled with our dedication, honesty and integrity has proved to be a great success for many yacht owners already.

We can set up a charter operation for yachts of any size virtually anywhere in the world including the most sought after yachting destinations such as South Florida, Bahamas and Caribbean. Our yacht and charter management programs are as unique as our yacht owners and are designed to make your yachting easy, enjoyable, affordable and profitable. Our programs can consist of all or any of the following:

– yacht maintenance
– marketing & advertising
– crew employment
– employment agreements
– non-disclosure agreements
– charter agreements
– crew payroll
– client account management
– monthly reports, analysis and budgeting
– insurance
– fueling, supplies, dock and shore logistics
– refit and build supervision
– flag requirements and certification
– safety, regulatory and environmental compliance

Please contact us for further details at info@tropicalboat.com

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